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Codependency is an existential condition characterized by anxiety and dependence on a person. It originates in dysfunctional family systems with violence, alcohol or drug addiction, emotional illnesses, and severe behavioral alterations in its members.

The codependent in these conditions develops obsessive behaviors to control the behavior of others. The person:

  • Feels responsible and resolves what does not belong to them, 
  • Shows marked tolerance to abuse, 
  • Shows symptoms or physical illnesses derived from emotional tension and prolonged stress.

On many occasions, the codependent’s emotional, behavioral, and even physical alterations are usually minimized. Nevertheless, the deterioration and the consequences that can suffer are traditionally, as in the case of addiction, disastrous.

Treatment of codependency

Just as addiction is a treatable disease, so is the codependent condition. Codependency treatment consists of a complete professional evaluation, a personalized treatment plan that integrates spiritual care, psychotherapy, attendance at self-help groups, and structured family therapy sessions. 

It also includes psychoeducation and the development of healthy habits and attitudes within a therapeutic community.

Come to us and learn about our treatments. Getting your life back is possible. We can help you.

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