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Jesús Cevallos Coppel, in search of the most successful model of alcohol and drug treatment in the world, carries out an alliance with the Betty Ford Center, adapting it to our idiosyncrasy.



Accompanied by Mrs. Betty Ford and her husband, former President Gerald Ford, they inaugurated the Oceanic Center in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Oceánica implements the Basic Addictions Training Course for therapists endorsed by CAADAC (California Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors). Fundación Oceánica was born to help people who lack economic resources and have a genuine desire to rehabilitate themselves, developing and sharing prevention, human development, training, and treatment programs and scholarships in the most disadvantaged communities in our country. An ambitious campaign of more than 20 years began in the mass media. It generated national and international impact to raise awareness about the damage caused by the consumption of alcohol and other drugs.



PRODEH was born, an institution specializing in mental health and emotional well-being to serve employees of the public and private sectors in our country.

The School Prevention Program is developed to support educational institutions (PEP) in training and timely detection of addictions available to the entire community.



The Association of Oceanic Graduates is born with a presence in all the States of the Mexican Republic, as well as in Chile, Guatemala, and El Salvador, among other countries in Central and South America.

Oceánica provides education and training in prevention and treatment to health sector personnel in all states of the Republic through an initiative of the Federal Government.



The first technology transfer of the Oceanica model to state treatment centers was implemented in conjunction with the government of Durango. This project was also implemented with the Veracruz, Nayarit, Baja California Norte, and Tamaulipas governments.

The first clinic to treat addictions with the Oceanic Model for penitentiary centers was inaugurated in Santa Martha Acatitla. Seven state and federal prisons followed this project in subsequent years.



Junto al Gobierno del Estado de Veracruz, se transfiere tecnología para la actualización de modelo y programa de tratamiento con tecnología de Oceánica para el Centro Estatal Contra Las Adicciones “Cúspide” en Veracruz, Veracruz.

Se desarrolla la primera clínica Oceánica dentro del Sistema Penitenciario Mexicano en el penal de Santa Martha Acatitla, en colaboración con el Gobierno del Distrito Federal.



In conjunction with the Federal Government (INDESOL) and State Governments, prevention programs are carried out for indigenous communities.

A training, dignification, and supervision program of good practices is implemented in conjunction with the Carlos Slim Health Foundation for 300 mutual aid centers (known as annexes) for their due accreditation with CONADIC, with impact at the national level.



At the initiative of Oceánica, the Government of the Federal District created the Institute for the Care and Prevention of Addictions in Mexico City (IAPA). The Nueva Vida Centers were inaugurated with the presidency of the Republic, centers that had the advice and support of Oceánica.

Jesús Cevallos Coppel is invited as a counselor of the National Council Against Addictions, the only representative of the private sector for the council.
Jesús Cevallos Coppel receives various recognitions for his long-standing oceanic work for the benefit of Mexico from multiple bodies such as the Presidency of the Republic, the Carlos Slim Health Foundation, the Betty Ford Center, the Government of Mexico City, CONADIC, among others. Others.
Lic. Margarita Zavala, President of the Citizen Advisory Council of the National DIF, inaugurates the “Oceanic Specialized Services Center” in memory of Mrs. Yolanda Cevallos Coppel.



Opening of Oceánica reference offices in the United States of North America, both in Houston and Los Angeles.

Inauguration of the Outpatient Clinic in conjunction with the Government of Mexico City, under the therapeutic justice model, for the priority care of young first-time offenders.



Opening of an Oceanic Outpatient Clinic for addiction care in Mexico City.

The collaboration agreement is signed to reimplement the Oceanic treatment model of penitentiary care in the federal prison system in Mexico.



Se firma el convenio de colaboración para re implementar el Modelo de tratamiento Oceánica de atención penitenciaria en el sistema de prisiones federales en México.

Apertura de Oficina de Referencia Oceánica USA en Los Angeles, California.


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