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Centro de rehabilitación para el tratamiento de adicciones - Oceánica

Drug addiction


Drug addiction deeply damages the lives of those who suffer from it and those around them, usually their loved ones..

The addictive effect of drugs causes rapid dependence in people who consume them. It also damages the brain structure, and, therefore, severe alterations in mental functioning and behavior that could become permanent.

The search for pleasure or initial euphoria generally initiates drug addiction. However, repeated use of drugs can alter patients’ perception and judgment, memory, and decision-making ability.

It can affect people of any age range, with drug addiction occurring more prominently in young people and adults. It causes severe consequences that can lead to death.

Addiction is an intricate and progressive disease that demands immediate action. It is imperative to acknowledge that neither the person facing the issue nor their family can tackle the problem alone. Therefore, it is crucial to seek professional help without delay.

Our rehabilitation center has developed a treatment program that helps people recover physically. Besides, it restores family and work relationships and regains dignity and life goals.

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