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Grief and loss

Grief is a process of emotional adjustment that comes after losing a family member, a loved one, or an object. It can also occur in the face of abandonment or a sudden change in life, such as:

  • A change of residence away from family or friends, 
  • Loss of employment or retirement, 
  • Or loss of property or economic security, among others.

The psychological process of grieving involves experiencing intense emotions that can affect the individual’s functioning. People may feel sad, overwhelmed, and unable to continue their usual lifestyle. They may be overcome by:

  • Helplessness, 
  • Lack of motivation, 
  • And the belief that they cannot overcome the loss.

Grief is a typical event. However, it can become complicated and require management by mental health experts. Our treatment program for affective disorders includes multidisciplinary approaches to pass this emotional process correctly.

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