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Centro de rehabilitación para el tratamiento de adicciones - Oceánica


Depression is characterized by a low mood that affects the social functioning of those who suffer from it. Symptoms such as fatigue or loss of energy, insomnia, weight loss, guilt, decreased concentration, recurring thoughts of death, sadness, and agitation also appear.

These symptoms disable and prevent adequate social functioning, causing severe consequences in the workplace and relationships with loved ones.

There are different types of depression, each diagnosed by health professionals based on qualified studies. The essential step to determine the treatment to implement is identifying the type of condition. It is then possible to begin the appropriate treatment of the disorder in a personalized manner

At Oceánica, we have a program to address depression through a comprehensive approach facilitated by a competent team of professionals who will warmly accompany you in recovering the balance of your mood from re-finding the meaning of life and the desire to live.

Our therapeutic management includes electromagnetic stimulation therapy and pharmacotherapy directed by genetic characteristics, as well as psychiatry, general medicine, and 24-hour nursing care. Nutritional plans, physical conditioning, individual and group psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and relapse prevention are part of your personalized treatment plan.

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