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Dysthymia is a mild but long-lasting form of depression. It is also known as Persistent Depressive Disorder. People with this condition may also have episodes of significant depression occasionally; it may begin in childhood or adolescence, frequently before the age of 21.

Unlike other episodes of depression easier to recognize, dysthymia has its own “covert” characteristics. In addition to lasting longer, the most common signs can manifest through tiredness, fatigue, low self-esteem, indecision, and exaggerated pessimism.

Therefore, the person who suffers from it is perceived by others as negative, moody, boring, and pessimistic. They said about them: “They are like this and have been like this all their life.” Therefore, they think they will not change anymore, because they associate their symptoms with a characteristic of their personality. 

Dysthymia comes slowly and stealthily. However, over the years, despite being mild, the functional impact has been considerable but goes unnoticed. That is why the diagnosis is usually late and harms patients in the search for the correct treatment, something that can take decades.

At Oceánica, we carry out, through our qualified mental health professionals, a thorough investigation of the clinical history of those who apply for our affective disorders program. 

It allows us to accurately diagnose cases of dysthymia. So, it offers a treatment solution to the extent to which medical, psychological, behavioral, and systemic treatment come together. Thus, the person achieves the development of skills that improve their ability to face life with a strengthened state of mind.

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