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Pathological gambling


Gambling addiction, or compulsion for gambling and betting, is a disease of the impulse control mechanisms.

Those who suffer from it cannot control their need to try their luck or skills in activities such as horse racing, sports, lottery, casino games, etc. Most of the time, they are motivated to win, recover what was lost, or simply experience the emotion of risk, seriously compromising their health, work, assets of their family, and even their freedom due to economic losses and debt

Pathological gambling has a solution. Oceánica has developed a multidisciplinary treatment with short-term multimodal and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic techniques. Thus, the player can learn to improve their capacity for self-control and design a lifestyle. It includes abstinence from gambling stimuli and reorganizing the aspects of his life affected by his addiction.

Significant people to the patient are also incorporated into the treatment through the Family Program, extending the benefit of recovery to them. Upon completion of residential treatment, the patient is offered a series of continuing care activities through the Post-Treatment Program.​

The gambler, like the addict, suffers from symptoms that prevent him from realizing and fully assuming his inability to control his compulsion to gamble.

For the gambler to accept his problem, in most cases, the participation of his family or significant others is necessary. Oceánica offers an effective method called “Intervention.”​

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