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The halfway house VILLA SERENNA Oceanica

The halfway house VILLA SERENNA Oceanica


The halfway house VILLA SERENNA Oceánica is an intermediate space between the clinic and your home. It is a facility specifically designed for individuals in recovery from addiction and those with dual diagnoses, including depression and eating disorders. It aims to provide the patient with a new structure, providing accommodations in a safe and supportive environment. 

The room functions as a Home, and the person participates in daily activities. It is a flexible treatment that allows the person to enter and leave (Study, Work, Exercise, etc.) It depends on the skills they develop to integrate into their social, family, school, or work environment, depending on their stage of life. The patient is found


The suggested time is 1 to 6 months, depending on the patient’s needs and context. The process to determine how much time is required is before a multidisciplinary assessment by clinical staff.



Initial or transition

From 1 to 15 days


Maintenance, Self-care

From 1 to 3 months



From 1 to 3 months


  • Daily Meditation
  • Gym or Physical Activity
  • Personal hygiene and room arrangement
  • Breakfast
  • Medicines
  • Home services (goodwill) – take out trash, clean specific spaces, clean dining room, tables and chairs, pool, etc.
  • Go out to work, volunteer, or conference
  • Meal
  • Medications and nap
  • Individual psychotherapy, permits, money, etc. (2 times a week)
  • Group psychotherapy (5 days a week)
  • Community meeting (once a week)
  • Skills workshop (Twice a week)
  • Support board
  • Vocational guidance sessions
  • Study of the steps of Self-help
  • Addiction Prevention Workshop
  • Mindfulness meditation workshop
  • Dialectic behavioral therapy workshop
  • Dinner
  • Attend NA, AA, TCA, ASSA external group (three times a week)
  • Attend Internal NA or AA group
  • Perform tasks, activities we say
  • Equine therapy (once a week)
  • Weekend outings (cinema, shopping center, theater, restaurants, gym races or walks of 5 or 10 km, etc.)
  • Community trip every two months to different parts such as magical towns, walks, or specific events.


At Villa Serenna Oceánica halfway house, we aim to integrate residents and their families. We build on tools learned during residential treatment to achieve long-term abstinence and a healthy, whole life.


We offer a tailored solution for problems related to alcohol, drug abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Our goal is to help you recover through an intensive and personalized program that combines an entire interdisciplinary team that accompanies you throughout the treatment. It integrates the family in your recovery process and your rehabilitation.

To achieve this goal, the comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment model is based on:

  • Abstinence from psychoactive chemicals and unhealthy behaviors;
  • Individual, group, and family professional psychotherapeutic support of various modalities, provided by professionals qualified in each.
  • A structured program of activities facilitated by the community of residents and professionals.
  • The search and promotion of spirituality through the philosophy of the TWELVE STEPS, the development of Mindfulness, compassion, and other existential approaches due to the nature of the disease.
  • People seeking treatment bring various consequent or coexisting problems, mental, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral. Those who can be treated at Faith Rehab comprehensive clinic will be treated at our center. Otherwise, they will be referred to treatments that offer the level of care required for the problem diagnosed by our professional team.

We acknowledge that addiction affects the individual and their support system. Therefore, we provide tools to enhance communication and family integration.

Recovery is a continuous process, so Faith Rehab’s comprehensive clinic provides patients with new resources and skills to function appropriately within the community.


  • Polydrug use.
  • Daily or almost daily consumption.
  • Active dependence on crack, crystal, opiates or benzodiazepines.
  • Significant family dysfunction.
  • Interrupted school or work projects.
  • Antisocial and criminal behavior.
  • Psychiatric comorbidity with good response to psychopharmacological treatment.
  • History of relapses, especially if the therapeutic model was different.

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