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Centro de rehabilitación para el tratamiento de adicciones - Oceánica

Family Care Process

We know that families suffer from addictions and those who are direct victims of them. At Oceánica, we pay special attention to their well-being, supporting them to embark on a new path after which they will find the light again: the well-being of the patient and that of each family member. When you are worried about a family member, contact us. A professional will assist you in resolving all your questions. We know you are going through a very complex time, and we will accompany you. All contact you make with Oceánica is confidential.

We have experts in interventions, a method in which we have achieved an efficiency of over 70% in institutionalizing people with addictions who refused treatment. At Oceánica, you will receive professional support throughout this process: you will never be alone.

During the hospitalization and with the patient's authorization, the indicated people can speak with the case manager to be informed. Thanks to the experience of our handlers, they will provide you with the support you need. The families of Oceanica patients know that we are always concerned that patients receive the best treatment in a safe, confidential environment and always respectful and humane attention from each team member.

Our Family Area will inform you to provide you with direct support. Additionally, during the family week, close relatives affected by addiction receive psychological and emotional support and learn more about habits. This week is of great help for the patient's post-treatment and the family's future well-being.

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