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Centro de rehabilitación para el tratamiento de adicciones - Oceánica


Intervención para tratamiento de adicciones

Having a family member suffering from an addiction is extremely painful. Addictions destroy the family and generate a lot of sadness, anger, and impotence in each of their loved ones.

When families seek to solve the problem, doubts arise, and they do not know how to help the addicted person.

At Oceánica, we have the Intervention for Addiction Treatment, an effective method to get a person with an addiction or eating disorder to accept their illness and the help their loved ones offer them.​

The intervention is a respectful method that brings together the people closest to the treatment candidate. In an environment of respect and without judgment, they make them see how their addiction has caused pain, destruction, loss, and damage to their loved ones.

It causes him to have the opportunity to recognize that he cannot do it alone and the dignity to accept the help offered to him to begin treatment voluntarily. A certified addiction professional will travel to your city to advise and accompany family members in the intervention process.​

Intervention in addiction treatment is the first step that will lead the entire family to reintegrate into health, love, and healthy growth.

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