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How does cocaine addiction affect the family?

Most of the problems associated with substance addictions are very destructive and have a particularly negative impact on family dynamics, causing relationships to deteriorate and diminishing the desire to be together, which is why, at Oceánica, our cocaine rehabilitation center, offers a service that aims at excellence, whose purpose is to help them change their lives. We are an institution dedicated to health care, which provides personalized and humane attention to those suffering from dependence through prevention and treatment programs.

Our specialists are aware that the effects of cocaine in the family are numerous because when there is an addiction problem, it affects the loved ones of the person who uses drugs. Cocaine dependence causes people to behave aggressively, harming those around them in one way or another. This illicit substance controls the thoughts and priorities of addicts, who occupy all their time and spend their money to satisfy that need.

In these cases, family members will always experience feelings of fear and guilt since a mother worried about an addicted child or a partner worried about the addiction of the loved one will always be thinking about the possibility of an overdose, that he commits a crime, that cocaine abuse leads to irreversible health problems, among thousands of harms related to the consumption of illicit substances. Hence, the psychological consequences are remarkable, not only because of the above but because family members see their quality of life and peace at home diminished.

In addition, money is another problem that comes with cocaine addiction and is what leads many of our patients to seek addiction treatment. When an addict’s relatives try to help by giving him money to pay his bills, it makes it easier for him to spend more on his vice instead of using that generous collaboration to fulfill his responsibilities. When patients who ingest cocaine reach the point where they don’t even bother to pay off their debts or don’t look for a stable source of income but instead rely on their relatives, stress levels increase.

At Oceanica, we understand what you are going through and want to help you recover so that you can become the best version of yourself. We know that you can achieve great things, so we put at your disposal our detoxification center so that you feel better and leave behind this dark stage. To request more information, please contact our advisors through our website.

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