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How Their Parents' Drug Addiction Affects Children

How Their Parents’ Drug Addiction Affects Children

We cannot deny that parents’ drug addiction affects children. In our cocaine rehabilitation center, we know how this substance’s consumption disturbs the home’s well-being and the healthy development of children. In Oceánica, we provide them with the support they need.

Addiction negatively affects all family members but often irrevocably impacts the youngest ones. They feel harmed emotionally without knowing how to help dependent adults or handle the problem. It happens because parents who use drugs usually prioritize their addiction, leaving aside their children’s physical and emotional needs.

Parents’ Drug Addiction  -Parental inconsistency

Parental inconsistency is another problem of Parents’ Drug Addiction. It is intimately related to illicit substance abuse. According to the UNODC World Drug Report,  around 275 million individuals globally engaged in drug consumption within the past year, with more than 36 million individuals grappling with drug use disorders.

 In these cases, children tend to experience confusion about what they are facing. They feel helpless and receive mixed signals about what is right and what is not because their parents’ behavior greatly influences them.

In addition, another problem arises, which is that children assume the roles of adults. It is the sad reality that they have no motivations or illusions. In many cases, they have to care for their siblings. They have to cook, clean, and fulfill all the responsibilities of adults.

Addressing the Impact of Parents’ Drug Addiction on Children

Growing up in a home with Parents’ Drug Addiction generates an unbreathable environment of chaos and instability. There is no doubt it will always negatively influence children’s growth. 

Children from homes where one or both parents struggle with addiction may experience shame, guilt, fear, and insecurity. They may even fall into surrender, even trying drugs. It happens because they do not see their emotional needs fed. That is why, before reaching these instances, you must reflect and seek addiction treatment for the good of you and your family’s health.

In Oceánica, we are Mexico’s most outstanding rehabilitation and detoxification center. We provide timely attention to those suffering from dependence through prevention and proven effective treatment programs. 

We are committing ourselves to our clients and their families. So, if you want to change your lives and offer the best opportunities to your children, contact us now through the contact form on our website.

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